Joey Fatone

Joseph Anthony "Joey" Fatone, Jr. (last name pronounced fuh-tone; born January 28, 1977) is an American singer, dancer, actor and television personality. He is best known as a member of the boyband, 'N Sync, in which he sang baritone. In 2007, he came in second place on the ABC reality show Dancing with the Stars. He was also the host of the American and Australian versions of The Singing Bee and aired on National Broadcasting Company in the United States of America. Currently Fatone is the announcer on Family Feud.

Recent Sightings

3 years ago
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Just saw Joey Fatone from N'sync get off a plane, he is so irrelevant that no one even noticed lol. I did cuz I was a huge fan!!!

Twoup Twoup
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Spotted Joey Fatone in Atlantic City! He's at Ballys you guys.

5 years ago
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Saw Joey Fatone & Blue Man Group talking to people on the street via giant billboard in Times Square. What is going on?