Cody Franchetti

Cody Franchetti, an Italian baron and heir to the Milliken textile fortune, whom I have interviewed in the past for my documentary films Born Rich and The One Percent, spends his summers in Seal Harbor Maine. Coming from a family with five centuries of wealth and privilege behind it, Franchetti states rather assertively that he has no fantasies about living or working like “a servant” when he visits the countryside. He does acknowledge, however, the pleasure he takes in experiencing the everyday life of coastal Mainers. After all, he could enjoy summers at any one of his family’s fully staffed, palatial homes-- the medieval castle his father owns in the Dolomites in the Alps or the private peninsula his grandmother has in Sardinia being just two examples. read full bio here.

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5 years ago
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Cody Franchetti looking v buff in a clingy white top biking on Perry Street and Husdon.