"A century from now, historians will probably write (assuming we can still read by then) about the factors that led to the decline of our civilization…On the list of signals of imminent decline, there will be a special place on the list for OMGICU, TMZ, and their ilk."

"Hiding inside every man scoffing at our vapid celebrity-obsessed culture is a tittering teenage girl still trying to make out with Kirk Cameron's Tiger Beat spread. Release her, with OMGICU."

Guest of a Guest
"Is OMGICU the worst thing to happen to the Internet…or is it the best thing that has ever happened to online communications?"

John Carney, The Business Insider
"Another way to think about is that it is involuntary celebrity foursquare"

The Awl
"A New Website That Will Help Advance Society"

"is this a natural progression for "citizen journalism" and social networking tools or a horrifying invasion of celebrity privacy?"