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Bose Noise Cancelling work in cars

Bose Noise Cancelling – Speed is nothing without Music

by Ann R. Coughlin

I am used to the noises that my cars give off during a ride. But I must confess, there were moments when I wished that the ride would just be smooth, noise free and calmer. Admittedly, noise cancelling technology for cars was still premature even a few years ago. Luckily, these days you have more options. Naturally, with options, comes decisions making dilemma. Which one do you choose and why? How do you go about comparing these

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My personal favourite is the new noise cancelling technology for cars developed by Bose. This new technology is specially designed to muffle many kinds of sounds that emanate from any car. Bose noise cancellation is facilitated by a specially developed chip technology. The Bose noise cancellation feature can easily be added into the NXP SAF775X semiconductor chip to offer noise cancellation ability on cars. The ability of the element fitting into the chip has made it possible to work on cars that do not run Bose audio systems. This NXP semiconductor chip works along with all types of audio systems and other car infotainment packages. It can thus be made to fit the part of a car regardless of the sound system the car uses quickly.

How does Bose Noise Cancelling work in cars?

The NXP chip is designed to offer noise cancelling ability thus creating a quieter environment for the driver and the riders. While it does not prevent the engine or exhaust from producing noise, it takes on the sounds produced and provides back sound on a different frequency. In simple terms, the system picks on the sounds that can be heard inside the car with the engine, exhaust, or road noise. It then plays opposing sound waves which then leads to the unwanted noise being cancelled as the waves cancel each other out. This, in turn, leaves the inside of the car with limited sounds or leaving it noise free.

For the Bose noise cancellation feature to work on a car, there is a need to fit on the car microphones that capture the cabin noise which needs to be eliminated. After the capture of the cabin noise, a signal needs to be sent to the processor to initiate the noise cancellation process.

The noise cancelling system does not work independently but relies on the functions of the audio equipment installed in the car. It thrives on the frequency of the apparatus and the integrated circuit active in the manner that the technology requires offering effective noise cancelling effects.

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Is the Bose noise cancellation feature worth a try?

The Bose noise cancellation for cars is an ingenious idea which is now easier to access. Most cars now come with in-car microphones as well as speaker systems. The design of this Bose technology allows for easy integration with the systems. If you already have Bose Speakers, the integration is even more seamless. With more and more noise pollution on the road, noise cancelling technology is becoming more and more sought after every day. It’s a small price to pay for peace you will often seek, while you were on the road.

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