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Things to know before buying a Earphones

by Ann R. Coughlin

If you have decided to acquire a set of headphones, you probably already know there are hundreds of models available. Our purpose in writing this guide is to help the buyer streamline the decision-making process, and remove some of the confusion often encountered by potential customers.

There is quite a diversity when it comes to prices of earphones and best earbuds headphones.Replacement earphones are sometimes available for less than five dollars, while audiophile phones can cost several hundreds of dollars.|Ear buds and earphones can be bought for as little as $4 to as much as $500. A massive investment is not required to realise an improvement over the original phones that come with portable music players; spending as little as $12 can often result in a better listening experience.

Inexpensive earphones are great for kids; they can be considered disposable and if they are lost or stop working little is lost. I caution against purchasing a $3 pair because the build quality in this price range is suspect, and usually will not operate for more than a few days without breaking. In my opinion about $10 is the minimum necessary to purchase a serviceable set of phones. The best way to determine the toughness of a particular set is to read the reviews of owners at a website devoted to offering earbud information and reviews.

Many are looking for best earbuds headphones to use for exercise. One option is to opt for a wireless set of phones so that movement will not be restricted by wires. The disadvantage of a cordless system is that it is more complex. Instead of directly piping the music to your phones through wires, the signal has to be transmitted from the source (usually a portable player such as an iPod), and this signal has to be picked up via a receiver integrated into your phones. Often if there is not a direct line of sight between the transmitter (the player) and the receiver (in the earphones), the signal is not picked up and delivered to the listener.

Purchasing Headphones

A third option and one I happen to prefer is to use a micro-player such as an iPod Shuffle, along with an earphone set that will accommodate the player. The advantage of this system is that the need for a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver is eliminated, and since the player weighs only a few ounces, it can easily be accommodated on board the earbud set.

For iPhone users, you will obviously need to restrict your search to those phones with a microphone included. In many cases, there will be two versions of an earbud design-one without a microphone and one with. Typically, the models with microphones will have an additional letter as a suffix to the model number such as an “M”.

For many, the primary purpose intended for their headphones is for listening to music, with perhaps occasional use in the phone mode. However, if your earphones will primarily be used for phone calls, concern yourself with such attributes as microphone clarity, ease of starting and ending calls and adjustments.

For those looking for headphones for the primary purpose of deriving maximum enjoyment of listening to music, in my opinion, there are two major considerations. The most visible attribute is that the best earbuds headphones should reproduce the music in a manner that is pleasing and non-fatiguing to the listener. Of course, this is a very individual and a matter of personal taste. Different models of phones are known to cater to different portions of the frequency range. So if you are a base lover, look for a set that is known for representing the base rates well. The true audiophile, of course, seeks accurate sound delivery of all audio frequencies.

good set of headphones

A second consideration, and on that is equally important to the listener is a comfort. The best sounding phones available are useless if they are not comfortable to use in extended listening sessions. Most headphones will come with a variety of different sized tips to obtain an optimum fit. Since a good seal between the bud tips and ear canal is necessary for proper sound, a tight fit is required. If it is too tight, the sensation is not pleasant for most users. This is where learning from the collective experience of present owners will aid in evaluating the comfort part of the equation.

Selecting a set of headphones can be a daunting task. The selection process can be simplified by first considering a couple of primary factors. The first step and probably the easiest is to determine your budget limit. For most buyers, the range between $20 and $100 will present plenty of choices. Once your budget is set, determine your anticipated primary use. And finally look for a set that has a good track record for durability, audio quality and comfort.

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