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Earbuds For Running

Earbuds For Running – Which ear buds to pick?

by Ann R. Coughlin

But adequate earbuds for running are those who don’t fall out while running. People hate adjusting their pair that continuously keeps falling off their ears. They want something which stays put during their run. As a result, different types of earphones are now available in the market claiming to remain in one place during a run.

Ear buds over headphones? Why?

These ear buds relax on your outer portion of the ear, but most are designed to be interjected into your ear duct or canal.Choosing Earbuds For Running or training activities is more efficient and less costly as compared to conventional headphones and headsets, less heavy, are less oversized and are very portable. This is the reason why many people are seen every day in cafes, coffee shops, on the footpaths and at the office with wires hanging out of their ears.

They are perfect:


Ear buds don’t hamper your hair styles, and neither does it affect people who wear earrings or glasses or shades. The reason being simple, they fit into your ear ducts quite quickly. Thus if you are a regular gym goer or a traveller than these ear buds are perfect for you.

Thus if you want to purchase an adequate pair earbuds for running or any other activity, then these are some of the things that you should consider having a look at:-

• Firstly your earbuds for running should be light weight. It should be resistant against water and sweat.

• They should not be bulky or heavy and should be portable and convenient.

• It should be strong, durable and should be made from fine quality pre-requisites so that they last longer.

• These earbuds for running or any other activities should give out a fit and comfortable sound which does not cause any harm to your ears.

There are a few ear buds which have a control function along with a mic that makes way for swift phone use. Some for the best style of earbuds for running and other activities come along with features such as comfortable ear clips that stick or straps comfortably around the ear. Other models are made to coil or fit easily and comfortably around the neck. The styles and shapes of running ear phones are a personal opinion, but for runners, ear buds that stick around the ear are necessary.

Apart from all this some of the disadvantages of such devices are as follows:

These ear buds are inferior when it comes to sound quality especially bass tones.

These things don’t filter out outer sounds well. So as a result people tend to escalate their sounds levels to get proper sounds, which in turn can cause damage to their ears and their hearings.

Some people find ear buds that don’t fit into their ears properly and continuously fall on their ears, while some complain that these ear phones hurt their ear ducts or canals.

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