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Jaybird Freedom Spring

Jaybird Freedom Spring Bluetooth Stereo Review

by Ann R. Coughlin

Wireless ear buds, as many people know, allow the user to listen to music or other sounds without being tethered to a radio or other receiver.  In fact, there are numerous testimonials online for the Jaybird Freedom Sprint earbuds because they view this wireless earbuds product as simply awesome.  The view that Jaybird offers the best sound, secure fit and overall best performance audio is not disputed but celebrated online and wherever music and wireless fans get together to enjoy their ear buds.

Another aspect of wireless earbud technology is related to size.  For instance, the Jaybird Freedom Sprint ear buds are said to be 40% smaller.  The product manufacturers also boast upwards of four hours of continuous playtime thanks to the earbud technology evolving to where users almost forget they are wired for sound.

Earbuds offer freedom and great sound

Earbuds offer freedom

The argument for choosing Jaybird earbuds is linked to the view that this product offers all the features say fans want in a wireless headset.

For instance, the ear buds offer these unique features:

– A reverse LED light that is not visible to other people for discreet listening
– Micro USB charging
– A refined cord for greater comfort on the neck and better voice quality
– Assurance for secure Bluetooth fit in the ears
– Lifetime warranty against sweat, with proper sound and “warm” base to reduce listener sound fatigue
– The earbuds are designed to be 40% smaller with premium audio quality
– Compatible with any Bluetooth stereo device such as the iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, PC, Mac and various gaming devices

In general, the earbuds offer many new key features that have already endeared this project to those users who want and need a private sound system that securing fits one’s ears with cushions for a safe and comfortable fit.

Stereo earbuds get reviews

Stereo earbuds get reviews

The need for an audio headphone product that takes the hassle out of wearing regular headsets is evident with so many ear phone fans commenting online about finally finding a product that is small, lightweight and works.  The product, of course, is the Jaybird Freedom Spring Bluetooth stereo earbuds that are available in three sizes for sport, work and easy listening.  The ear buds feature fresh on-ear controls for directing such things as phone calls or only playing or pausing music from the headset.

Moreover, the ear buds feature a tangle-free flat cord that easily connects the ear buds behind the head for easy listening without the hassle of having a long wire connecting your headset.  Also, there is a free trial period offered to only try the earbuds out for a sort of test drive in the world of sound.

Overall, there are many earbud products on the market today.  However, the fans of ear buds in the know point to Jaybird as the product if you are on the go or just chilling for great sound and listening comfort.

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