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H2O Audio IE2-BK Surge 2G Waterproof Earbuds

Listen to Music While Underwater With the H2O Audio IE2-BK Surge 2G Waterproof Earbuds

by Ann R. Coughlin

Developed in collaboration with the world-class athletes themselves including gold-medalist swimmer, Natalie Coughlin, and professional stand-up paddler, Slater Trout, H2O Audio IE2-BK Surge 2G waterproof earbuds[/easyazon-link] are engineered for extreme sports performance.  Along with the advanced waterproofing technology, this audio product is still capable of delivering high-quality music even when fully submerged underwater.

Gear Performance

IE2-BK Surge features the patented waterproof technology found in the long line of quality H2O audio products. This pair of waterproof sports headphones is recommended for runners who sweat a lot, swimmers who fully submerge underwater, and surfers who traverse through water splashes. The waterproof rating of these ear plugs is measured to withstand pressure levels of up to 12 feet underwater for an indefinite amount of time. This technology is realised with modern hydrodynamic design achieved through the collaborative efforts of athletes and engineers.

H2O Audio IE2-BK Surge 2G Review

Audio Quality

These ear buds use powerful neodymium magnets as principal components for producing high-quality audio with seriously deep bass. Outstanding clarity is provided especially when playing hip-hop, rock, and other pumped-up musical genres to motivate the athlete or enthusiast.

For its small size, the earplugs are engineered with drivers measuring 8 millimetres across capable of a frequency response ranging from 18 to 20,000 hertz. This range ensures that professional-quality musical details flow from the electronic musical device and into the human ears.

Other Accessories

This H2O audio product is also compatible with other enhancement accessories which will bring performance earplug technology to a whole new level of convenience and functionality. Armbands sold separately to complete the underwater music system. For a non-waterproof media player, H2O cases compatible with these earplugs are highly recommended.

A set of elastomers measuring from extra-small to extra-large in diameters is included as part of the package. These durable and watertight accessories allow for a snug fit to keep water outside and allow music to flow harmoniously inside. It’s carefully engineered design promotes proper alignment of the earplug with the ear canals. Wearers will just have to make sure they use the most appropriate size.

H2O Audio IE2-MBK Surge

Sweat-Proof Advantage

As an additional benefit to being waterproof, these earbuds can easily be cleaned up by rinsing the device entirely with water without having to worry about its concealed electronics. Dust particles combined with sweat that accumulates over the exterior are conveniently washed away by flowing water. Owners of this pair of quality ear buds truly appreciate the possibility of listening to great music even when training under wet and other conditions.

Minor Tradeoffs

Although these earplugs are not questioned when it comes to audio quality and waterproofing capability, finding the perfect fit for the varying ear sizes did not please everybody. Some owners of H2O Surge 2G complain about water leaks due to different sizes of ear openings, which is a standard issue for submersible ear buds. To mend this problem, custom-fit earplug accessories are recommended.

Overall, H2O Audio Surge 2G is the best product competing around the 40 dollar price range.

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