Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones Review

Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones

The Bose SIE2i Sports Headphones come in a range of bright and colourful options, such as green, orange, purple and blue. Designed primarily for exercising, they are resistant to sweat and the weather while maintaining an extremely secure fit.

With the brand name of Bose being well-known for the excellent quality of sound, this range of earbuds stretches the range of their products into the realm of sports accessories. The Bose SIE2i sports headphones are very trendy and eye-catching, sure to get you noticed in the gym or while out for a run.

Bose SEI2i Sport headphones


While not the cheapest earbuds on the market, they are not in the highest price group either.  Usually, these earbuds can be purchased at around the mid to high $100′s mark. See the Bose SIE2i Sports Headphones on Amazon.


The Bose SIE2i Sports Headphones have been cleverly designed for not only great sound but also to be resistant to sweat and weather while maintaining a secure and comfortable fit.


With the registered Triport® headphone technology, these earbuds deliver a full range of sound without cutting you off from the environment around you. This is essential when running or cycling outdoors.


This ear bud range comes with an inline microphone and remote, fully compatible with your iPod or iPhone.


For a price range in the mid to high $100′s these earbuds may be a bit on the high side for most people when thinking of buying earbuds for the gym. After all your earbuds will get heavily treated, being thrown into your gym bag left out in the elements and can get soaking wet. You may think of just buying several cheapest of the cheap that can get broken, but then you won’t have the impressive sound quality or stylish looks of the Bose SIE2i Sports Headphones. Also, these earbuds are built to be strong so will last you for years.


What Are Wireless Earbuds?

Wireless Earbuds

Why use wireless earbuds? Listening to music can be a great motivator during a run or at the gym. And it can be a great companion during boring bus rides or while on the go anywhere. Just ask the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who have become practically glued to their iPhones and made Steve Jobs rich. There can be one annoying thing about music on the go: headphone wires.

Ask any student if headphone wires get tangled while slipping a backpack on and off. Ask any fitness junkie is the average headphone cord has enough reach to use while doing crunches, or if the wires every gets tangled at the gym. Wires bounce and pull annoyingly while you go for a run in the park. It was only a matter of time before someone invented wireless earbuds.

Just like any other style of earphones, wireless ear phones come in a variety of styles and prices. Some are water resistant. Some have longer battery life than others. Some work with your iPod directly, and some require the use of an adapter. Some look cooler than others, and some produce high quality, CD sound, while others sound like an old radio, but save you money.

Some of the cheapest wireless earbuds still cost about 50 dollars, so price-sensitive people will probably be doing without them for awhile. Why spend that much for wireless earphones with tinny sound when you could get great sound for half as much with wired headsets? Of course, real gadget geeks will spend whatever it takes to have the latest thing, but the top-end wireless ear buds ring in at a whopping 500 dollars. Those earphones are only for real music nuts—most people can think of tons of things they’d rather spend that kind of money on.

A few of the wireless earbud designs—including the 500 dollar ones—is a lack of anything to hold them to your ear. One of the constant problems with ear buds is that they fall out of your ear with slight movement. Everyone has a unique ear shape, most of the time the only reason you don’t lose ear buds completely is that they are attached to a wire. The wireless earbuds that do not have clips for your ears are likely to be lost quickly, but luckily several models do come with ear clips.

BackBeat Go 2 Bluetooth Stereo Wireless

BackBeat Go 2

The BackBeat Go 2 wireless earbuds from Plantronics has already become a favourite item among the high-end cell phone accessories, barely a few months after its release. In fact, there are not too many good small Bluetooth headphones which provide high-quality Bluetooth stereo sound, and BackBeat Go 2 has answered that need in the right fashion. The device can be paired with up to 8 different devices, and the process of pairing is easy and hassle-free, too. According to reviews, the call sound quality is very satisfactory, and the method provides a host of inline controls to make it easier for you to switch between tasks even when your iPod or smartphone is comfortably tucked away in your bag or pocket.

plantronics-backbeatThe biggest competitor to BackBeat is the JayBird BlueBuds X, released earlier than the BackBeat model. While the latter boasts of some additional features, the reviewers are of the opinion that regarding Bluetooth stereo sound quality and comforts, there is not much to choose between the two. Now, when we consider that BlueBuds are priced at $170, almost double the amount of BackBeat, we may understand the reason for the quick popularity that the latter method has enjoyed among the users.

The device comes with three different sizes of ear tips. In the box, you will find the earbuds, the three pair of ear tips, adjustable fit stabilisers, an AC charger and a quick start guide.

You also have the option of buying the device with or without the charging case. As for technical details, the device gives up to 4.5 hours of listening time. The standby time is a huge improvement from the earlier BackBeat products. The incorporated in the device enables the device to go into hibernation when not in use. This way it can keep itself charged up to 6 months when not in use. The device also makes use of sweat proof P2i nanotechnology to make itself useful as sweat, humidity or liquid repellant. With an 8-device memory in place, it also makes it easier to switch between different devices.

A very telling feature of this latest BackBeat model is that it pairs easily with iPhone 5 and the call quality, when paired with iPhone 5, is very high, too. The sound comes off to both the user and the listener as clear, crisp and natural. The moisture resistance quality is already mentioned. Additionally, the tangle-free and rugged cable make the device more durable and fit for extensive use. The inline controller is another high point of the instrument. You can quickly adjust the volume levels, receive incoming calls and skip the song and video tracks through the inline controller.

Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset

The overall Amazon rating of the product reflects its high popularity. The product currently enjoys a 4.1 rating out of 5. Out of a total of 133 reviewers, 48 have given it a 5 rating and another 61, a 4 rating. As for the downsides, many opine that there is scope for improvement in the battery life section of these Bluetooth stereo wireless earbuds and that 4.5 hours of listening time is not too good for a device of this nature. Few users also mention that the earbuds could have been lighter in weight.