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Earbuds for Working Out

Top 5 Wireless Earbuds for Working Out

by Ann R. Coughlin

If you are an active person and like to listen to music while working out, headphones are essential to have. Unfortunately, keeping these on can prove to be quite a challenge. The good news is that several different wireless earbuds will stay put no matter how active you are and how much moving around you do. The top five wireless earbuds include:

1) Jabra Sports Bluetooth Stereo headset

Jabra Sports Bluetooth Stereo headset

These are designed to fit inside the ear and wrap around, so they stay secure while you’re moving around. They are also aimed at preventing shock, so they won’t hurt you even if you sweat a lot or are working out in the rain. Since these are wireless, they are much easier to exercise with than other headsets that require long wires. The Bluetooth connects phone calls and music, so it’s ideal for multi-tasking. The headset has buttons on it that will answer calls, hang them up, play music, skip songs and adjust the volume.

2) ]Outdoor Technology Tags

Outdoor Technology Tags

These headphones are also wireless, which is why they are on this list! They can easily link with any Bluetooth device so you can listen to as much music as you would like or even make a phone call. These offer a 32-foot range so they can work well with computers and smart phones. These will easily stay in the ears when you’re running, walking or doing any other type of activity. It’s great to have these for outdoor use since they are made to be employed in any weather condition.

3) Jaybird Freedom Stereo

Jaybird Freedom Stereo

These earbuds are also wireless and fit comfortably inside the ear. They have a microphone on them which will allow you to make Bluetooth calls when your smartphone is linked to it. These offer premium sound and have control volumes on the side. The buds provide a secure fit and are shake proof so they can be used when doing just about any activity. Also this, the earbuds are also sweat proof so that they won’t shock.

4)LG Tone HBS 700

LG Tone HBS 700

The LG Tone HBS 700 is a unique choice because of the way it’s shaped. This has an around the neck design that makes the fit very secure and comfortable. It can easily be used all day or just at certain times, including while exercising. The earbuds are magnetic, so they easily snap into the right place where they should be. The battery can offer 10 hours of talk time through Bluetooth. It also includes an app that will read text messages to you when the headphone is connected to your smartphone.

5) H2O Audio IE2-BK Surge 2G

H2O Audio IE2-BK Surge 2G

These particular headphones are 100% waterproof. They are useful for anyone that tends to sweat quite a bit since other types of headphones can cause shock. They are also perfect for anyone that swims and wants to listen to music while in the water. There are different sizes of earplugs that come included with the headphones. These ensure the perfect fit is achieved since all ears are different sizes. The design is slim but will stay secure to make them functional to use for several hours.

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